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  • I didn’t say it was new I just said you can do it. And yes, it is somewhat of a hybrid, but the point is it gives you a lot more information so you can dial back or increase elements you want.

    There is no digital camera in the world that “just takes a picture” so we’re just splitting hairs here anyway. The sensor, processor, etc. “make decisions“ that impact your image. Raw codecs try to capture as much information as possible so that professionals or people with time can go in and select out what they want in their image or mute the things they don’t want.

  • I don’t know about other phones, but you can turn basically all of that off with a single tap on an iPhone (“raw”). I imagine other phones have ways to adjust those settings as well. It’s hardly a waste of time.

    If you shoot your videos in prores it also drastically changes what you can do in post because the color depth is basically what I get out of professional cameras.

    So yeah, I get what you mean, modern smart phones are all pretty good at what they do and a lot of them do a ton behind the scenes on your images. But different ones have different features and they do not all look the same. I’m not even sure if any smart phones do ProRes besides the iPhone (it’s an Apple codec)

    It may be a poor artist that blames his tools, but a good artist definitely knows the differences between them. No matter how slight they may appear.