Biden is barely beating Trump among young voters

  • Telorand
    5 months ago

    Can you find that study? Because I remember a headline claiming that a while ago, but was an editor misrepresenting the data to make clickbait. In that case, men of Gen Z overall were still more liberal even than Millennials.

    Here’s an article covering such a topic. There’s a plot of Partisan Identity further down, and the only data point that supports the conclusion that they’re “getting conservative” is white Gen Z teens. Every other group is decidedly Democrat or Independent.

    The next one shows political ideology, and even in that breakdown, while conservative beats liberal overall, both are significantly behind moderate (and depending on how the question was framed, you can be a social conservative and still a liberal voter).

    Basically, Gen Z teens (13-17yos) are becoming more conservative, but that’s making them moderates, not conservatives. Additionally, I don’t put much stock in teenage paradigms; they don’t have a lot of life experience, and facing unrelenting reality has a way of putting people’s sheltered upbringings in check.

    Ultimately, I agree with the author’s final sentiment: only time will tell if these particular trends mean anything.