Welcome everyone to the 2023 advent of code! Thank you all for stopping by and participating in it in programming.dev whether youre new to the event or doing it again.

This is an unofficial community for the event as no official spot exists on lemmy but ill be running it as best I can with Sigmatics modding as well. Ill be running a solution megathread every day where you can share solutions with other participants to compare your answers and to see the things other people come up with

Day 1: Trebuchet?!

Megathread guidelines

  • Keep top level comments as only solutions, if you want to say something other than a solution put it in a new post. (replies to comments can be whatever)
  • Code block support is not fully rolled out yet but likely will be in the middle of the event. Try to share solutions as both code blocks and using something such as https://topaz.github.io/paste/ or pastebin (code blocks to future proof it for when 0.19 comes out and since code blocks currently function in some apps and some instances as well if they are running a 0.19 beta)


🔒This post will be unlocked when there is a decent amount of submissions on the leaderboard to avoid cheating for top spots

🔓 Edit: Post has been unlocked after 6 minutes